Online Roulette: Test Your Luck at The Most Famous Wheel in The World

Online roulette: the world flagman of the casino

Roulette will probably come first to your mind when you hear “casino”. This thrill of winning roulette temps even non-players.

With the appearance of the online version, many more people received the great chance to get the access to the game and finally fulfill their dream. The roulette online fully copied its land-based counterpart and created more versions to diversify the gamble.

Online roulette characteristics overview

This game uses a wheel with specific cells of red, black and green color. The croupier places and rolls a small virtual ball on it. There are also particular variations of bets that can be placed, and all of them depend on the number on which players believe the ball will eventually stop.

Such features can be found in this online game:

  • It has 36 red and black numbers and the fixed number of green zeros;
  • The black ones are usually even, and the red ones are odd;
  • The kind of the roulette determines the house edge, which can vary from 1.35% to more than 7%;
  • The return-to-player percentage usually starts from 96.15%;
  • The best examples of online roulette games such as Premier Roulette or Roulette Diamond are powered by Microgaming, Playtech or Netent, which guarantee the high quality of effects, game graphics, and music along with smooth transitions.

The virtual game table is filled with authentic images and effects, so that this game could provide fascinating atmosphere.

European online roulette

The red and black colored cells European-style are numbered from zero to 36, and only one green cell is numbered zero. Because of the existence of only one zero cell, the house edge equals 2.70% and prevents the game from being simply even during the whole game. RTP equals 98.65%.

American roulette

The American style requires the same 36 black and red cells. However, the number of green cells doubles, and these cells correspond zero and double zero. This fact doubles the house edge to 5.26%. It also has the lowest RTP – 94.74%.

French roulette

Same to the European style, the French variant uses 36 black and red cells and only one green zero. However, the numbers are located on the wheel in the different manner. The outside betting field is also divided on two sides unlike other styles. The house edge is 1.35%. This type of roulette has two rules, which favor players – En Prison and La Partage, which save or return some money to the players, if they lose, to make next bets.

Best casinos to play online roulette in 2019

The game is quite popular and can be played in many web casinos. Best of them are:

  1. Jackpot City Online Casino
  2. Ruby Fortune Casino
  3. Royal Vegas Online Casino
  4. Betway Casino
  5. Spin casino Online

They all have free demo versions to try the game and lots of free spins and other free bonuses. So choose any casino you like and start playing.

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