Roulette game is a popular game for many players

Roulette game popular game

In any gambling establishment in the world, regardless of whether it is virtual or terrestrial, there is roulette, moreover, in several variations of the game. The most popular among players is American roulette.

Its rules are partially different from the rules of classic roulette, additional numbers are also used. But in any case, the player’s goal, as before, comes down to trying to guess which sector the launched croupier ball will stop at.

Types of roulettes at the casino

In modern casinos, American roulette looks like this: thirty-eight cells with numbers from one to thirty-six printed on them, as well as zero and double zero. The basic rates are eleven. Free roulette game allows you to enjoy the game process.

Sometimes in virtual casinos for American roulette there is a so-called deposit rule. This means that if the zero sector fell, and the player made a bet on equal chances (for example, black or red, odd or even), then fifty percent of the bet amount will be returned to him. Roulette wheel game is a good option for a large number of players.

The field for playing American roulette is divided into two parts – for internal or external bets. All numbers which are put on a wheel belong to an internal field. One row consists of a sequence of three numbers, and the columns (there are also three of them) are formed using vertical lines, they consist of twelve numbers. An external field is formed along the edge of the corner field, here you can bet, for example, on black or red.

Eighteen numbers on the roulette wheel are painted in black, the same number in red. They are all located alternately. Two special sectors of zero and double zero are highlighted in green. Online live roulette casino game is popular with many gambling people.

  • The direct bet on the number is thirty-five to one.
  • A bet on three numbers at the same time is eleven to one.
  • A bet on two numbers is seventeen to one.
  • A bet on six numbers (two lines) – five to one.
  • The corner bet on four numbers is eight to one.
  • External rates.
  • A bet on twelve numbers (column) – two to one.
  • A bet on a dozen is two to one.
  • The bet on black / red is one to one.
  • Bet on big / small numbers (zero is not taken into account) – one to one.
  • Bet on odd / even numbers – one to one.
  • A bet on five numbers is six to one.

Types of roulette slot providers

Playing American roulette online is good because the advantage of the institution in this game, for example, compared to slots, is not so much more. But in any case, it, of course, makes a profit for the casino, and the player’s well-being depends only on luck.

One of the most popular manufacturers of American roulette online gaming slots is Netent and Microgaming. Casino game online roulette will help to get high chances to win.

Table limits at online casinos

As a general rule, the betting limits at online casinos are much lower. This is the general rule, and of course there are exceptions. Roulette can be played online at Fruity King and there are many casinos to choose from, but give priority to live dealer roulette if you intend on playing professionally.

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