What you need to learn to know how to play roulette?

How to play roulette: features, rules and strategies

Roulette is the most recognized casino symbol. Luxury, excitement and simple rules – it is not surprising that roulette, since its invention, is so popular in the gaming world. In addition, the casino advantage in this game is not as high as, for example, in slot machines. How to play roulette? Consider the basic rules and strategies.

The simple rules of the popular game and how to play roulette

The rules of roulette are very simple and therefore the game attracts many gamers to the online casinos:

  1. According to the rules of roulette, a table for playing roulette in a casino is a playing field for bets, a wheel with cells numbered from 0 to 36 (00 in American roulette) and a ball.
  2. All bets are placed on the playing field of roulette.
  3. After all bets have been placed on the roulette table, the dealer launches the roulette wheel and throws a ball, which, after several laps, falls into one of the slots on the roulette wheel.

First of all, the riskiest bets are paid (number, split, etc.) and ends with “chances” – bets on color, odd / even, first 18 or second 18).

How to play roulette strategy?

If you want to learn how to play roulette and win all the time, then you need to know about some strategies, such as:

  • “The James Bond strategy” involves such rates of $ 140 per sector 19-36, $ 50 for six numbers from 13-18, $ 10 per zero. If the number falls on the sector from 19 to 36, you will receive winnings of $ 80; if the number falls on the sector from 13 to 18, you will receive a win of $ 100; if zero falls, you will receive a win of $ 160;
  • “Quick Strategy” involves tracking dozens and brings high payout. Here you need to expect the loss of the third dozen (numbers 25 to 36), then we bet on the first and third dozen at $ 25 each. When winning, we make the same 2 bets for $ 11; in case of victory, we bet on the first and second dozen for another 17 dollars;
  • “Mathematical strategy”. If you want to know how to play roulette at casino, you need to learn this strategy. You look at 30 spins and collect statistics. It is likely that 13/14 numbers will fall out 1 time during this time, 5/6 twice, and 16/17 numbers will not fall out even once. We determine the number of spins that you will play. To do this, you divide 36 by the number of numbers on which you will bet. For example, you chose 5 numbers that fell out twice. Then divide 35 by 5 and get 7, you make equal bets on 5 numbers you have determined. If there are no winnings for 7 spins, you end the session and start from the beginning.

In online casinos, variations of the roulette rules are possible, including the occurrence of a “zero” or a “double zero”. They offer wider variations and mixes of various types of roulettes. But in any case, despite certain concessions to the players and bonuses, the casino will never change the classic rules of the game of roulette, and you will have perfect odds for winnings.

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